Sexy Snippet Saturday

Sexy Snippet Saturday

It’s been a crazy writing week here in Reagan Land, but it’s so much fun writing Charlie Deluna’s story, I welcome the crazy.

I can’t give all of Charlie and Susan away so you’ll have to wait to hear more from them.

While you wait, here’s a snippet from my WIP, Rebel Rapid’s Undercover Detective Chris O’Neal’s story. Elementary School teacher Sammy Burke has things all wrong when she pegs Chris for the kinky kind, but Chris is more than willing to play along to keep her safe. Or so he tells himself.



Schooling the Law (Working Title)

There was something deeply satisfying in that starburst of pink blooming across her pale flesh. His mark on her ass claiming her as his. And the moan she made after. The way she rocked her hips and bit her bottom lip when she looked back to him. Begging for more.

If finding pleasure in that made him a monster than call him the fucking Hulk because whatever Susan wanted, he was going to make damn sure she got from him. And only him.


FYI, Eileen Richards and I are Man Waring again today on FB- Man Wars- Super Heroes Edition. I snuck into Eileen’s stash and damn…you’re really going to want to see the hottieness she’s collected.



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Remember that Post I Did About Cyber Pitching? Well Here’s Another Chance…


If you remember back to July–which seems like a year ago around here–I wrote a post on cyber pitching and specifically the Carina Press Not At Nationals Pitch Session.   #CarinaNaN was a success for me (a full request) and two other blog readers who entered (both with full requests), which only proves cyber pitching gets you out of the slush pile and into the agent/editors hands faster.

This time around the chance to cyber pitch is even better because not only will you pitch to agents, but you could qualify for a two-month mentorship with an agented/published author in your genre. The details can be found on Brenda Drakes’ blog here and for those who missed the Pitch Wars Mentor Q&A here is a great post to sum up what was discussed

So, get those queries and first chapters ready, stalk the 75 mentor authors participating to find the four you want to work with most, and pitch your baby on August 18th for your chance at a once in a lifetime opportunity for one-on-one help in publishing.

And, if you aren’t picked for a mentorship through Brenda Drakes’ Pitch Wars, she’s hosting Pitch Madness in September to pitch directly to acquiring agents/editors.

Check it out and good luck!



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Sexy Snippet Saturday- Charlie and Susan- Her Hometown Hero

Sexy Snippet Saturday

Saturdays seem to roll around much quicker in the summer and this one crept up on me while working on Charlie Deluna’s story. Charlie is the youngest of the Rebel Rapids Police Department and this reformed bad boy has as much to prove to his leading lady as he does to the town of Rebel. Oh, and there’s nothing shy about him. Sex in public places…bring it on. Here’s a snippet of Susan and Charlie. Leave a comment if you enjoy.


Her Hometown Hero / The Blue Line Series #2

Susan glanced back to the open door. Sex…in the middle of Mercy South during shift change with Detective O’Neal mere feet away at the nurses station? Not even sex starved Charlie was crazy enough. Or so she hoped.

“You know you want too.” Charlie urged on, his thin hospital sheet already pulled half down his bare chest and that lost, lusty look in his eyes.“Close the curtain. O’Neal will keep watch.”

 Susan looked at him sideways with her eyes narrowed on his. “O’Neal knows?” The thought should have stanched her desire, but oddly it only fueled the fire engulfing her insides. Charlie with rumbled bed hair and the white of the sheets contrasting with his tan that seemed to run all the way down to you know where and the only thought that stuck in her mind was how long they had before the night nurse returned for his evening check-in.

With a lazy hand, Charlie pulled the sheet down even more until both hips and that glorious V between them lured her a step closer to his bed. He bent one arm under his head and gave that devil of a bad boy grin that made all rational thought impossible.

 “If we get caught–”

Like a shot he sat up, reached for her arm, and pulled her down onto the narrow bed. In one fluid movement, his body rolled on top and his fingers pinned her forearms to the warm spot in the bed. His warm spot.

His hot lips pressed against her mouth, hard, before he spoke. “Getting caught is the best part, Red.”



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Sexy Snippet Saturday

Sexy Snippet Saturday
Here is a little peak into Mitch and Lacy’s first meeting… That Mitch sure has a mouth on him. Wouldn’t mind having that mouth on…………………….


You really want to know how I picture tonight ending? Mitch’s knee stopped at the apex of her thigh. He nudged it forward and rocked, sending waves of pleasure-filled panic riding up to her core.

Lacy nodded. Her own sharp intakes of breath audible in her ears. Her heart ran marathon sprints through her chest.

A loud cry of excitement blasted from the pool table behind them, but Lacy was sure she felt the low rumble of his groan. His body leaned forward. His mouth hovered above her ear. His leg pinned her to the sharp edge of the wooden stool, pinching the tops of her thighs.

First, youre going to trust me enough to tell me your real name. Then Im going to spread your glorious body face down over my bed like you did to that pool table over there, and Im going to fuck you from behind until you cant remember anything but what that beautiful name sounds like against your ear and the feel of my cock deep inside you.

Lacys breath caught. He talked so direct. So forceful. She should be offended, but she wasnt. It excited her. When he leaned back to get a read on her reaction, she blew out an unsteady breath. Is that how you sweet talk all your one night stands?

Yes. The answer was plain. Somehow it sounded more provocative than his explicit details about how he’d drape her over his bed. A sudden flash of the scene sent damp heat down between her thighs.

What the hell was she doing letting this stranger talk to her in a way that should make her freak-dar flash red? But it didn’t. It felt good.

Sinfully good.

-His Law to Obey


*If you’re looking for more hottieness to spice up your Saturday, Regency author Eileen Richards and I are having a Man War- Regency Style on Facebook all day today. Friend me to follow along and feel free to add your own. Follow the fun at


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What Running a 5K Taught Me About Writing

In college I was a runner. Not a long distance runner or track star or anything fancy like that, but after my last class on most afternoons I slapped on my running shoes and a pair of shorts and hit the pavement for an hour before dinner. Running was a much needed release and a chance to clear my head of boys and classes and college drama and focus on me.

Man, and I thought the world revolved at mega speed back then. Things I wish I knew before becoming and adult- enjoy the hell out of college because life comes at you fast in the real world.

Since no one has successfully built a time machine to take me back to dorm room sleepovers and fraternity parties I recently picked up my love (or hatred some days) of running again and it struck me in the middle of my first three mile run this weekend that running a 5K is just like writing a book.

1. The Beginning is Always Hard. Keep Going– When my feet first hit the pavement and I mentally map out which three mile route to take, the world is opened to me and I can accomplish anything. Then, a minute in, my legs start complaining. My feet rub in my shoes. Pandora switches from an upbeat song to a slow commercial (Yeah, I’m too cheap to buy a subscription) and that opened-to-all-possibilities feeling turns into holy-crap-with-a-big-ass-cherry-on-top I can’t take twenty-nine more minutes of this torcher. I want to quit.

Starting a new project is like those first few steps on the pavement. You open word, or Scrivener, or WriteWay Pro, pin a few inspiration pics from Pintrest or Tumbler, read over your character sketches, turn Pandora to your new book soundtrack and the writing gods shine down on your newest best seller like the idea is so grand the book could practically write itself. Your fingers fly, the birds outside your office window chirp, the world is full of plot unicorns and rainbows until you hit the first sticky plot point and your best seller plummets from best-book-ever status to bottom-of-sock-drawer disaster faster than Justin Bieber’s career.


Because beginnings are hard. They  are the universe’s way of weeding out the half-hearted from the truly determined. Keep going. It gets harder– much, much harder–but the finished product is worth the pain.

2. The Uphill Climb Only Makes You Stronger- About three weeks into my quest to run a 5k I had built my endurance up to a mile and was super happy about the progress until I pushed for the two mile mark and failed. No matter how hard I tried or how much determination I brought to the road, I couldn’t press past that one mile point. That’s when The Officer took me for a run on a new path and mostly uphill.  Crap, did my legs burn and the line of expletives I mouthed at his back was quite impressive, but damn if I didn’t crest that one mile mark two days later. Running on flat ground is great, but it’s the climb that builds the muscle that helps you reach your goals.

And so it is with writing. Writing on the weekends is great. Writing 1k a day is fantastic. Writing during your free time waiting for the doctor or on your lunch break is admirable, but those who succeed, who crest the hill from unpublished to proficient author, do it by building their writing muscle. They set goals and push past them. They charge into the difficult writing and power through. They write and write and write and when the path gets trichinous, they get tougher because they’ve built the muscle to back them up.

There is nothing easy about writing. It’s hard, often emotionally draining work, but those who keep going and push past the up-hill battle reap the rewards waiting at the end of the road.

3.When You’re Ready to Give Up–Don’t. The “Zone” is Dead Ahead– To prepare for my first 5k run, I laced on my favorite new running shoes, filled my water bottle, and loaded Muse on my phone. (Something about the anger in his voice keeps me going. Works every time). I had this run. I’d gone two miles twice and one more wasn’t going to kill me. Or at least I thought until I gassed-out at the 2.5 mile marker. I’d heard lore about “the zone” before, and I’d hit it more than once in college, but at that moment nothing, not even a hot man chest, was going to get me from mile marker 2.5 to mile marker 3. Then it happened. The zone. “Madness” pumped through my headphone, the pain in my legs and chest eased. My back straightened and within seconds I went from fleeting flower to determined Debbie, my feet eating the pavement and a cool sweat on my brow. That was the fastest and most satisfying half-mile I’ve run, ever.

There is a zone in writing too but it only comes after you’ve punched that snarky internal editor in her smack-talking mouth and come to terms with the fact that no one publishes their first draft (and if they do I don’t want to read it) . Confident in your ability to tell their story, your characters start talking faster than you can type. The false bravado you started your draft with develops into a hard-won confidence that pushes you all the way to THE END. Once your fingers start flying and you let the words do the work the zone will hit and you’ll do the best writing of your life.

When the words are the hardest to write, that’s where you’ll find your inner genius.  No matter the pain, ignore the negative self-talk and never give up. Success is right around the preverbal corner.

4. Every Victory is Better With Friends– I started my quest to run a 5k eight years ago. Anyone see an issue with that? I hope so. Eight years to run three miles should sound absurd, and it is. I started and stopped more times than I care to admit, and let the inner demons that I wasn’t good enough get to me every time. What made this attempt different? I had support in the way of a fantastic group of romance writers all on the same mission to become or stay fit. I knew I had to check in with them daily and I wasn’t about to post…”yeah, well I just felt like staying fat and unhappy today so I sat on the couch and ate hot Cheetos til my fingers turned orange.” Friends make everything better, even running.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times more, writing is a solitary sport and considering most of us are introverts–we aren’t known for our social abilities, but you must, must, must have friends in this game to survive. Cyber friends from online RWA chapters or writing websites or yahoo groups (are those still a thing?) are fantastic. And if you’re lucky, some of your writing beasties live close enough for meet-ups and celebrations. Set up a support system. Plan to meet (in person or cyberly (there I go again making up words and writing parentheses inside parenthesis because I’m cool like that)) with other writers to discuss successes and failures and plans for the future. You won’t believe the difference that support makes in your writing and your life.

5. There is a Huge Reward at the End of the Road and it isn’t Publication or a Medal- This goes without saying. If you’re writing for money or fame, jump ship now. Right now! Before you finish reading this blog, because 1% of the top 1% of authors make the million dollar club. Yeah, I made those numbers up, but I bet they’re pretty damn near accurate. I didn’t start running to collect marathon medals and I didn’t start writing to capture top billing at the RWA literary singings. Sure, both would be welcomed and coveted, but I have no control over either. (RWA-my contact info in is the bio. *wink*)

What I do have control over is giving it my all and producing the best damn book possible, marketing the best way I know how (have you seen #manchest on twitter?), and writing the next book and the next, and the next. If one person reads and loves the story, I’ve won. I’m not going to pass up a contract or an advance or a royalty check, but I’m not going to give up just because I don’t have those things…yet. There’s much more too it all. I’ve been writing for seven years and I’ve earned far more than I’ve given. It’s worth the fight.

And because I’ve said a lot I think we all need a little Man Chest to push us over the Wednesday Hump. Hum…maybe a Man Chest Monday-Runner Edition is in order.

Happy writing and climb that damn mountain, Y’all!  Make it your bitch and make it the best you can! You know you have it in you to shine. Now, go blind the world.


*You know he gets one hell of a chub-rub rash running in those briefs, right?


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Sexy Snippet Saturday- His Law to Obey

Here’s a sexy little snippet from His Law to Obey. Let me know what you think of alpha cop Mitch Kilpatrick and the chief’s only daughter, Lacy Andrews in the comments.



She’d watched him all week in the back corner of the bar, observing the place like he had it under surveillance, but he never once took advantage of his authority. Something was off for a detective. Every time she looked hard into his dark brown eyes she saw something detectives weren’t supposed to have. A soul.

Mitch knocked on the bedroom door, startling her. “Dinner’s ready.”

Her heart hiccupped. She’d never been described as pure-minded, she’d had her moments of fucked up clarity, but wanting to sleep with a detective? One from out of town, who would leave in a few days with no strings attached of all things, didn’t fit her normal MO.

She grinned in the mirror at the thought of her, not being normal. Not doing the standard Lacy Andrews over-analyzing of everything. What harm could one night with this perfectly attractive stranger cost her?

The way her body reacted to his touch. The way his voice sent vibrations through her. The way he explicitly said exactly what was riding his mind in a way that made her catch fire from the inside out.

She had to know him on a more intimate level.

With a sharp intake of air, Lacy pulled the hem of the shirt he’d loaned her up and over her head, leaving her bare except for the borrowed boxer that hung low along her waist. A shiver of adrenaline shook her hands and made her knees threaten to buckle. Grow up, Lacy. He’s just man.

With her toe, she cracked the door open and watched Mitch work in the kitchen. The dish towel thrown over one shoulder and knife steady in hand while he cut squares of lasagna and plated them made him look almost domestic.

She watched him toss the towel next to the sink and turn. Quickly, her toe slid from the door frame and she held her breath. Had he seen her watching? Did it even matter? What the freak was wrong with her?

Everything she’d ever wanted in life she’d gone after. Walked right up to every challenge and grabbed it by the proverbial balls without letting go until the universe gave her exactly what she’d been after. What made Mitch any different?

Lacy rounded her lower lip into her mouth and sucked it in. Mitch wasn’t any different, and if she wanted him, just like everything else in her world, she’d have to leave her comfort zone and play his game.

By the time she convinced herself to suck it up and take the risk, she found him settled into a lounge chair in the wood paneled den that separated the kitchen and the hallway of bedrooms. Eyes closed, head tilted to one side, his legs parted slightly, his arm overlapping his thigh and his hand dangling over his knee.

She closed the space in slow, calculated steps. With a steadying breath she nudged his dangling hand with a bare knee.

Mitch slit one eye open like he knew what hed see standing in front of him, and she fought the urge to tuck tail and run for the safety of the spare bedroom. Instead, Lacy wiggled her knee between his parted legs and pressed it against his crotch.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” His voice was raspy and deep and made butterflies flutter in her stomach. His head tilted to the side, giving her a full-on once over. “Dont start something you’re not willing to finish, Angel.”

She should back away. Heed his warning, run for the bedroom and lock herself in. But she couldnt make her legs move or her mind stop wanting to provoke him more.

Mitch’s eyes burned blazing hot on her bare flesh, walking her body from neck to navel, lingering on her breasts long enough to make her stomach pull and her nipples harden.

Lacy answered his stare by pressing her knee harder into his thigh.

Mitch sucked in a blunt breath, pushed up from the chair, and walked forward. “You really are a little temptress. Are you testing my willpower? Seeing if you can force me into breaking my promise?”

“Maybe a little bit of both.” Lacy fought the urge to cover her bare flesh with her arms. She backed away until her back pressed firm into the coolness of a bedroom door. Maybe his bedroom door.

Leaning in, Mitch’s loose shirt rubbed across her bare breast. The tightness of his muscles underneath pressed into her skin. His hands landed on her hips and pinned her body against the door. “If that’s what you’re sleeping in, a locked door isn’t going to be enough to keep that promise.”

Sexy Snippet Saturday

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10 Reasons Why I Love Cyber Pitching

Starting today Carina Press is holding a Not-at-Nationals pitching session on their blog. With the cost of conferences, hotel rooms, and travel on the rise, pitching via your laptop and social media seems to be the way some small presses are finding new voices for their houses.

I love a great conference and have pitched at several as well as RWA chapter meetings and even impromptu dinners or standing in line at book signing, but the comfort of pitching over the web is my preferred method and here are ten reasons why:

1. As I’ve said before I’m an introvert.  I get sweaty palms at the thought of pitching my baby to someone sitting across from me. I know my book is good. I know my pitch is strong. I know the agent/editor setting across from me is made of flesh and blood just like me, but I freeze. Pitching via laptop cuts out the need to sweat from every pore and trip over words you’ve practiced in front of the mirror and the mailman and to the family dog at least a zillion times.

2. EDITS- Pitching online you know the requirements up front and you can spend hours editing you pitch until it’s perfect. No need for um… and…oh shit I forget the rest of it…

3. Ease dropping on others pitches at a conference might get you kicked on your derriere, but with cyber pitching it’s perfectly acceptable to read what everyone is sending. You can compare your work to others. See what they are doing right and wrong, and make changes accordingly.

4. If you want to know what your dream agent/ editor is interested in there is no better way than watching them click on pitches they liked. There is no comparison to that at conferences and the info is worth more than all the sexy man chests in the world. (and if you know me you know all the sexy man chests in the world is saying a lot.)

5. If you have a presence on social media and have interacted with that agent/editor in the past they may recognize you and show more interest in your pitch based on familiarity.  It may not happen often, but it happens.

6. Networking with other authors who write what you write is important. When pitching on twitter check out the profiles of those pitching the same or similar genres and follow a few. You may have just connected with your next conference roommate, blog partner, or publishing house sister.

7. Tasty tidbits from agents/editor. When agents/editors respond back to authors requesting their MS they often leave a little note like “I love geeks” or  ” biker hunks are really hot right now”. BAM! Insider info!

8. Instant (or almost instant) gratification. Most online pitch session last between a couple hours to a couple days. It can take up to 12 weeks to hear back from a cold query.

9. The truth hurts but at least it’s the truth. Have you ever sat in a pitch session and you just know from the pained expression on the agent/editors face their request in little more than a sympathy bone? I have and that feeling sucks gnarly rocks. I’d much rather a “well…I’m just not that into you” response. The truth hurts sometimes but let’s face it, writing is a business and we’re all big girls and boys. There are no bones thrown in cyber pitching. No face to face contact means no guilt over not connecting with a project or an author for that matter.

10. This one could be said for all pitching. Your words are doing nothing sitting on your computer. You’ll never know how great they are until you set them free in the world and pitch them. It doesn’t matter if you cold query, enter a contest, pitch online, attend a conference, or join a critique group, get those words out there!

Notice I never mentioned getting a contract. Yes, that is the golden nugget an author is hoping for when pitching, but there is a lot to be said for putting yourself out there to learn.

So hop on twitter or your favorite publishing house blog and search for cyber pitching opportunities. Get those hard won words out there! They’re doing nothing nestled safely on your laptop. Let those babies fly.

For into on the Carina Press Not-at-Nationals Pitch Session check in here:

Good Luck!



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Welcome from the Overly Emotional Introvert

Hi. My name is Reagan and I’m an overly emotional introvert, sometimes referred to as a romance author.

In the past year I have taken many, many steps along the road to publication. I finished my first manuscript in September, won a contest on December, received my first revise and resubmit letter in March, my first rejection in May, had dinner with an agent in June, submitted my baby to my dream house the same week, and started edits on novel two. It’s hard to believe so much could happen in a year yet I’m only at the beginning of this long and exciting journey.

I’ve heard it said many times that writing is a solitary sport and most writers are introverts. Both statements ring true for me, but I also believe no writer survives this publication journey alone. We need friends. Friends who show us how to do things like create cool blog headers and write text over pictures like the wonderfully talented Jeni Burns. Friends who you can email a scene to with the subject line: Help, My Inner Editor is Out of Control and get feedback the very same day like the most dependable Alex Ratcliff. Friends who laugh at your stupid and often inappropriate jokes yet still give you the evil side-eye to keep you in check like the ever stunning Adrienne Trent. Friends who text and tweet and email support when they know you’re struggling like the faithful Tracy Poole. Friends who’ve been there from the start and never let you fall no matter how hard you try like the best conference roomie around, Eileen Richards. And that’s a very small list. There are so many more and I’m sure I’ll mention them here soon.

The point of my friend rant is, publishing is a big, big world and everyone needs a way to connect with writers and readers, to make friends and to show support. So that’s what this blog is about. Connecting with the writers and readers out there. Making friends. Showing support. AND, there will be man chest. Oh yes, just because I’m on a semimetal kick at the moment doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my hottieness roots. There will be sexy man chest and it will happen often. So stick around and enjoy the road with me and let’s see how much trouble we can get into together.

And just to prove there will be man chest, here you go…My version of Mitch Kilpatrick from my first novel, His Law to Obey. You’re welcome.



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New Beginnings

The time for a new website has come. I’m still playing with backgrounds and formatting so come back soon to see the finished product.




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