Royal Matchmaker

 Royals of Monterra- Sariah Wilson




Two things Liza Johanson never thought she’d do.

  1. Become a modern-day matchmaker to appease her retiring grandmother.

  2. Fall head over heels in love with a stuffy prince.

Liza Johanson doesn’t believe there’s a secret to finding true love. A journalist by day and novelist by night, she only practices the art of matching to appease her grandmother; the woman who took her in when the rest of her family fell apart. Love is as simple as fitting two pieces of a puzzle together. It’s the making the pieces fit that’s the issue.

Prince Tony Ferraris is letting his family down. Cousin to the king of Monterra, Tony didn’t inherit the family’s uncanny ability to recognize true love. Now, with an ultimatum of finding a match so his younger sister can marry hanging overhead, he’ll do anything to find the perfect woman. Even if the woman he wants turns out to be the very matchmaker searching for his true love.