Developmental Edits

USA Today Bestselling and Award-Winning author, Reagan Phillips is known for developing deep characters and emotion-driven stories. With a wall of writing awards earned while honing her crafts and an internship with Entangled Publishing to learn the finer points of story development, she is bringing her experience and expertise to authors in need of a strong developmental edit.

What is a Developmental Edit?

Unlike a content, proof, or copy edit,  developmental edits focus on the structure of the story as a whole. Pacing, character development, plot, structure, scene development, and overall story likability are all taken into consideration. This type of edit is usually done between the drafting stage and the content editing stage to give the author a sense of what is working well in the story and what still requires development.

Why do I need a developmental editor for my story?

Authors from novice to experienced often get so close to their stories they don’t notice the small holes and inconsistencies that can develop. Content editors look for inconsistencies, but their main focus is on smaller details. Proof and copy edits only focus on grammar. A good beta reader may catch story structure issues, but usually only after other edits have been completed.

A good developmental edit before content, proof, and copy edits will ensure your best work is being put forward to your readers.

How does Reagan do edits?

Reagan uses what she’s learned from crafting over 20 romance novels and working with publishers in the editing field to create an editorial letter highlighting the achievement and the growth areas of each story. These letters can range from two to five pages depending on the level of development needed and often offer suggestions to improve the structure of the story based on genre, sub genre, and plot.

Reagan reads through the story multi times with a different focal lens during each read to ensure your editorial letter is as detailed and complete as possible. After receiving the letter the author can choose to connect through email, phone, Facetime, or Zoom to discuss any questions. Each contact is capped at 30 minutes.

How much do these edits cost?

Works ranging in word count from 0 to 60,000 are a flat fee of $60. After the flat fee, the word count is rounded to the nearest ten thousand, adding $10 for each additional 10,000 words. (ex. 68,000 words would cost $70. 72,000 would also cost $70). Payment is done through Paypal with 1/2 deposit before and 1/2 payment after edits. Do to the time involved, refunds are only given if the job is canceled by Reagan.

If strengthening your story is something you’re interested in, you may send the first chapter of not more than 10 typed double spaced pages (or 4,000 words) for review to Reagan at Questions may also query this email address.