Welcome from the Overly Emotional Introvert

Hi. My name is Reagan and I’m an overly emotional introvert, sometimes referred to as a romance author.

In the past year I have taken many, many steps along the road to publication. I finished my first manuscript in September, won a contest on December, received my first revise and resubmit letter in March, my first rejection in May, had dinner with an agent in June, submitted my baby to my dream house the same week, and started edits on novel two. It’s hard to believe so much could happen in a year yet I’m only at the beginning of this long and exciting journey.

I’ve heard it said many times that writing is a solitary sport and most writers are introverts. Both statements ring true for me, but I also believe no writer survives this publication journey alone. We need friends. Friends who show us how to do things like create cool blog headers and write text over pictures like the wonderfully talented Jeni Burns. Friends who you can email a scene to with the subject line: Help, My Inner Editor is Out of Control and get feedback the very same day like the most dependable Alex Ratcliff. Friends who laugh at your stupid and often inappropriate jokes yet still give you the evil side-eye to keep you in check like the ever stunning Adrienne Trent. Friends who text and tweet and email support when they know you’re struggling like the faithful Tracy Poole. Friends who’ve been there from the start and never let you fall no matter how hard you try like the best conference roomie around, Eileen Richards. And that’s a very small list. There are so many more and I’m sure I’ll mention them here soon.

The point of my friend rant is, publishing is a big, big world and everyone needs a way to connect with writers and readers, to make friends and to show support. So that’s what this blog is about. Connecting with the writers and readers out there. Making friends. Showing support. AND, there will be man chest. Oh yes, just because I’m on a semimetal kick at the moment doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my hottieness roots. There will be sexy man chest and it will happen often. So stick around and enjoy the road with me and let’s see how much trouble we can get into together.

And just to prove there will be man chest, here you go…My version of Mitch Kilpatrick from my first novel, His Law to Obey. You’re welcome.



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