Sexy Snippet Saturday- His Law to Obey

Here’s a sexy little snippet from His Law to Obey. Let me know what you think of alpha cop Mitch Kilpatrick and the chief’s only daughter, Lacy Andrews in the comments.



She’d watched him all week in the back corner of the bar, observing the place like he had it under surveillance, but he never once took advantage of his authority. Something was off for a detective. Every time she looked hard into his dark brown eyes she saw something detectives weren’t supposed to have. A soul.

Mitch knocked on the bedroom door, startling her. “Dinner’s ready.”

Her heart hiccupped. She’d never been described as pure-minded, she’d had her moments of fucked up clarity, but wanting to sleep with a detective? One from out of town, who would leave in a few days with no strings attached of all things, didn’t fit her normal MO.

She grinned in the mirror at the thought of her, not being normal. Not doing the standard Lacy Andrews over-analyzing of everything. What harm could one night with this perfectly attractive stranger cost her?

The way her body reacted to his touch. The way his voice sent vibrations through her. The way he explicitly said exactly what was riding his mind in a way that made her catch fire from the inside out.

She had to know him on a more intimate level.

With a sharp intake of air, Lacy pulled the hem of the shirt he’d loaned her up and over her head, leaving her bare except for the borrowed boxer that hung low along her waist. A shiver of adrenaline shook her hands and made her knees threaten to buckle. Grow up, Lacy. He’s just man.

With her toe, she cracked the door open and watched Mitch work in the kitchen. The dish towel thrown over one shoulder and knife steady in hand while he cut squares of lasagna and plated them made him look almost domestic.

She watched him toss the towel next to the sink and turn. Quickly, her toe slid from the door frame and she held her breath. Had he seen her watching? Did it even matter? What the freak was wrong with her?

Everything she’d ever wanted in life she’d gone after. Walked right up to every challenge and grabbed it by the proverbial balls without letting go until the universe gave her exactly what she’d been after. What made Mitch any different?

Lacy rounded her lower lip into her mouth and sucked it in. Mitch wasn’t any different, and if she wanted him, just like everything else in her world, she’d have to leave her comfort zone and play his game.

By the time she convinced herself to suck it up and take the risk, she found him settled into a lounge chair in the wood paneled den that separated the kitchen and the hallway of bedrooms. Eyes closed, head tilted to one side, his legs parted slightly, his arm overlapping his thigh and his hand dangling over his knee.

She closed the space in slow, calculated steps. With a steadying breath she nudged his dangling hand with a bare knee.

Mitch slit one eye open like he knew what hed see standing in front of him, and she fought the urge to tuck tail and run for the safety of the spare bedroom. Instead, Lacy wiggled her knee between his parted legs and pressed it against his crotch.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” His voice was raspy and deep and made butterflies flutter in her stomach. His head tilted to the side, giving her a full-on once over. “Dont start something you’re not willing to finish, Angel.”

She should back away. Heed his warning, run for the bedroom and lock herself in. But she couldnt make her legs move or her mind stop wanting to provoke him more.

Mitch’s eyes burned blazing hot on her bare flesh, walking her body from neck to navel, lingering on her breasts long enough to make her stomach pull and her nipples harden.

Lacy answered his stare by pressing her knee harder into his thigh.

Mitch sucked in a blunt breath, pushed up from the chair, and walked forward. “You really are a little temptress. Are you testing my willpower? Seeing if you can force me into breaking my promise?”

“Maybe a little bit of both.” Lacy fought the urge to cover her bare flesh with her arms. She backed away until her back pressed firm into the coolness of a bedroom door. Maybe his bedroom door.

Leaning in, Mitch’s loose shirt rubbed across her bare breast. The tightness of his muscles underneath pressed into her skin. His hands landed on her hips and pinned her body against the door. “If that’s what you’re sleeping in, a locked door isn’t going to be enough to keep that promise.”

Sexy Snippet Saturday

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