Tattooed And Taken Series

Staking His Claim-Book #5

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For the past year, I’ve avoided Tempest Elite’s invitations to join their club. Aligning with them could be bad for my business. I’m also not a joiner. I’ve been on my own for years and I’ve settled into a life of long hours and returning home to silence. That is until I walk out of the TE’s clubhouse and see the woman who makes me want to change everything. She’s tall, blonde, and curvy as hell and I’m instantly wanting to brand her with my name. Only issue. She’s the Sergeant at Arms daughter and off-limits to non-members. I don’t have a prayer in hell, but that won’t stop me from trying.

I owe my life to Tempest Elite MC. Gunner, the Sargeant at Arms, adopted me when my mother chose drugs and men over her child, and I’ve been raised to respect the lifestyle. Now that I’m twenty-one, Gunner wants to see me settle down with a member and have babies. Only, the man I want refuses to join. I can’t break my father’s heart and disappoint the men who helped raise me, but I can’t say no to my heart either. There has to be a way to bring my two worlds together.


Her Bad Boy Bartender- Book #4

From the second I saw her, I knew she was mine. All curves and blonde hair and bubbly personality, Scarlett’s the kind of woman who makes you want to be a better man. But Scarlett doesn’t feel the same way about me. She’s timid and shy to the point I can’t tell if I excite or terrify her. To make her mine, I need to earn her trust. Not so easy to do when she thinks I’m just a tattooed bar owner. She has no idea who I really am.

I’m good at lying to everyone else, but I can’t keep the truth from myself. Jacob makes me want to do things I thought only people in R rated movies did. Since meeting him in his bar, Brick, almost a year ago, he’s been a frequent visitor in my dirtiest dreams, and I know that interest goes both ways. But I can’t shake the feeling there’s something more to Jacob that he keeps hidden. I’ve had my fair share of troubled men. Do I follow my head and keep my distance, or listen to my heart and throw caution to the wind?

Tattooed By Her Silver Fox-Book #3

you go (6)Fox
She’s a double shot of whiskey, and I’m a man ready to drown my sorrows in her. I shouldn’t feel this way about my grandson’s elementary teacher. She’s too young for me for one thing. She’s also pissed as hell at me for always picking Sabastian up late, but being thrown into parenting again after raising my kid years ago has me out of practice. Vi keeps making excuses to see me, and after I give her her first tattoo, I can’t keep my hands off her any longer. I have to make her mine, if even only for a short while.
How did I find myself involved with Fox? He’s attractive as hell and makes my pulse race being near him, but he’s also the parent of one of my students….no, grandparent, though that title doesn’t fit him. Fox is all muscles and tattoos, and when he’s near and arguing with me, I can’t help but lose myself in him. My downfall, according to my boss, who wants me fired for sleeping with a parent and breaking her rules. Is what I have with Fox worth throwing away my career? Will he even let me make that decision knowing how hard I’ve worked to become a teacher?

Her Brother’s Best Friend-Book #2

you go (7)Luke
For years she’s been off-limits. The younger sister of my best friend and business partner has curves that go on for days and a smile that sets my whole body on fire, but I’ve kept my distance for the sake of her family’s harmony and my best friend’s wishes. That is until one adrenaline-charged night in a bar parking lot changes everything. Driven into my arms by fear, I get a taste of Cass for myself, and there is no going back to my old routine. I have to have her…any way I can get her. She must be mine.
I’ve had a crush on Luke since my brother brought him home seven years ago, but a prank played on my sixteenth birthday proved I’m only a plaything to him. Or so I thought until a blind date goes awry and Luke has to recure me from an abusive man. Now Luke won’t leave my side, and I don’t want him too. He’s large and in charge and treats me like his queen. But, when my brother catches us together, all hell breaks loose, and I have to Choose between loyalties; my brother or the man I think may be the love of my life.


Baby On Board- Book #1

For months I’ve searched the city for her…the one-night stand that got away…and now she’s at my door, pregnant and demanding I let her in. But I want more. Marriage and my name on the baby’s birth certificate. She’s my princess, and I’ll do anything to make her life the best it can be, but I want to be a part of her happily ever after, and I won’t take no for an answer.
Rafe isn’t the brute I thought he was. The guy doting over me is a big softy under all his hard muscles and tattoos. Playing house in Rafe’s apartment makes me feel safe, but relationships built on need don’t last, and I’m not bringing my baby up in a broken home. If Rafe wants me to stay, he’s going to have to prove he can be the father I need him to be for the sake of our unborn child.

The Blue Line Brotherhood Series

Confess- Book #1


Hot cops, sex, and murder.
When Nashville homicide detective Mitch Kilpatrick defies department orders to investigate a string of small town murders, his singular goal is to catch a serial killer. That is until his investigation leads to Lacy Andrews, an uninhibited and sexy-as-sin bartender who happens to be the police chief’s only daughter.

Confident and alluring, Lacy is everything Mitch’s pride rejects, but that won’t stop him from getting her in his bed, especially when he learns she’s sworn off cops for good. Winning her over proves the perfect challenge until her secretive past connects with his current case and she becomes an unwilling pawn.
Confronted with repeating past mistakes, will Mitch push Lacy away to keep her secret hidden, or expose her to solve the most important case of his career?

Seduced – Book #1.5


A sexy, sassy, holiday romp.
Department secretary Trinity Jones isn’t looking for Mr. Right. She’s searching for Mr. Right Now, the Holiday Edition. Coming off the break-up of a long-term relationship, she’s looking for someone to take the sting out of the holidays without a commitment, and the police department’s playboy, Nick St. James is perfect for the job.
Vice Officer St. James is known for his love’m and leave’m lifestyle. Spending most of his time undercover leaves little time for relationships. That’s what makes a deal with Trin perfect; one week, no strings, everything goes back to normal the day after Christmas.
But he never counted on falling for her.


Uphold- Book #2  Uphold-facebook (1)

Since his days in foster care, Officer Charlie Deluna has longed to belong. The Rebel Rapids police, his brothers in blue, have become his family and he’ll do anything to please them. But his current assignment, keeping tabs on a secretive and seductive stranger while proving her innocent of drug trafficking charges, may be the wedge that divides him from his beloved blue line brotherhood.
Scarlett Rose is no stranger to trouble since the Rose men are notorious for their abuse. She counted herself lucky to escape with the clothes on her back years ago, but now that her grandfather has died, Scarlett has returned to Rebel Rapids to claim the inheritance that is rightfully hers in hopes it’s enough money to settle her debts and start fresh. The only thing standing in her way is the officer who’s determined to uncover her past and the painful secret she’s kept hidden to survive on her own.




Protect-Book #3

Coming May 2020 in the Romantically Ever After Box Set

Claire Wilson is only after one thing–keeping her job at the local paper. Assigned the task of interviewing Rebel Rapids’ most high profile and untouchable candidate for mayor, she’ll do just about anything to make an interview happen, including facing off with his embattled bodyguard, Connor. When games turn to true feelings and an assignment turns to life or death, Claire finds out how strong she really is and risks it all for the man who showed her that strength. 
Connor Blake isn’t what he seems. The undercover agent posing as a bodyguard for a known money launder for some of Tennessee’s largest gang syndicates hasn’t led a normal life in over six months. Not that the way he was living, closed off from anyone he could hurt, was normal. With weeks to go until closing his case, a complication in the form of an attractive reporter threatens to upend his entire investigation. When her life is in danger he wastes no time choosing her over all else, but once she sees him for the true monster he is, will she still love him the same. 



 Lone Star Sizzle

Stand alone novella


Elementary school teacher Blythe Williams is in need of an adventure. Since a messy break-up six months ago, she hasn’t had the time or the will to date again. So, when a girl’s week at a gulf coast resort turns into a broken down car in small town Texas she wasn’t expecting to find her perfect cowboy.
Hunter Cole isn’t the typical Fort Mavis cowboy. The ex-bronc rider has tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome down pat. But the Cole family comes with its share of Texas-sized family drama he’d rather leave behind.
When a mix-up of identity puts Blythe in Hunter’s crosshairs, sparks fly and inhibitions vanish, but will a week with a stranger be enough to mend two broken hearts?


Coming March 2020 to Kindle Unlimited

Eight years ago, Chelsea Bradley gave up a promising career in equine management to marry Chase Montgomery, a struggling real estate developer with a roving eye. Now with their divorce settled, she’s turning to a past she’d long thought gone. The ad in the local paper for a seasoned riding instructor at Brigadoon Farms couldn’t have come at a better time. Chelsea sees the position as her ticket back into the career she loved. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain until she meets the man who could make her put everything on the line. Will she be able to forgive his past to share in his future?
All Steven Bradshaw has left of his once glowing reputation is the family he’s acquired at Brigadoon. They took him in after the horse drugging scandal that tarnished his name and gave him the chance to rebuild his life. Now he aims to repay them by protecting the farm from the threat he sees in Chelsea. She walked out on a career at a horse farm before, leaving a farm high and dry during show season. He won’t let that happen to Brigadoon, no matter how much he is falling for her.