Dark Angels MC

Dark, broken, and rouge-they all have something to prove.

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Tattooed And Taken Series

Steamy and sweet insta love romantic shorts. Perfect for a quick read on a quiet evening alone. (Series Complete)



Alpha heroes and the women brazen enough to tame them. (Series Complete)

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Romance with a side of suspense. (Series Complete)

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 Stand-alones with a Western Flair

Stand alone novella


Elementary school teacher Blythe Williams is in need of an adventure. Since a messy break-up six months ago, she hasn’t had the time or the will to date again. So, when a girl’s week at a gulf coast resort turns into a broken down car in small town Texas she wasn’t expecting to find her perfect cowboy.
Hunter Cole isn’t the typical Fort Mavis cowboy. The ex-bronc rider has tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome down pat. But the Cole family comes with its share of Texas-sized family drama he’d rather leave behind.
When a mix-up of identity puts Blythe in Hunter’s crosshairs, sparks fly and inhibitions vanish, but will a week with a stranger be enough to mend two broken hearts?



Eight years ago, Chelsea Bradley gave up a promising career in equine management to marry Chase Montgomery, a struggling real estate developer with a roving eye. Now with their divorce settled, she’s turning to a past she’d long thought gone. The ad in the local paper for a seasoned riding instructor at Brigadoon Farms couldn’t have come at a better time. Chelsea sees the position as her ticket back into the career she loved. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain until she meets the man who could make her put everything on the line. Will she be able to forgive his past to share in his future?
All Steven Bradshaw has left of his once glowing reputation is the family he’s acquired at Brigadoon. They took him in after the horse drugging scandal that tarnished his name and gave him the chance to rebuild his life. Now he aims to repay them by protecting the farm from the threat he sees in Chelsea. She walked out on a career at a horse farm before, leaving a farm high and dry during show season. He won’t let that happen to Brigadoon, no matter how much he is falling for her.