Sexy Snippet Saturday

Sexy Snippet Saturday
Here is a little peak into Mitch and Lacy’s first meeting… That Mitch sure has a mouth on him. Wouldn’t mind having that mouth on…………………….


You really want to know how I picture tonight ending? Mitch’s knee stopped at the apex of her thigh. He nudged it forward and rocked, sending waves of pleasure-filled panic riding up to her core.

Lacy nodded. Her own sharp intakes of breath audible in her ears. Her heart ran marathon sprints through her chest.

A loud cry of excitement blasted from the pool table behind them, but Lacy was sure she felt the low rumble of his groan. His body leaned forward. His mouth hovered above her ear. His leg pinned her to the sharp edge of the wooden stool, pinching the tops of her thighs.

First, youre going to trust me enough to tell me your real name. Then Im going to spread your glorious body face down over my bed like you did to that pool table over there, and Im going to fuck you from behind until you cant remember anything but what that beautiful name sounds like against your ear and the feel of my cock deep inside you.

Lacys breath caught. He talked so direct. So forceful. She should be offended, but she wasnt. It excited her. When he leaned back to get a read on her reaction, she blew out an unsteady breath. Is that how you sweet talk all your one night stands?

Yes. The answer was plain. Somehow it sounded more provocative than his explicit details about how he’d drape her over his bed. A sudden flash of the scene sent damp heat down between her thighs.

What the hell was she doing letting this stranger talk to her in a way that should make her freak-dar flash red? But it didn’t. It felt good.

Sinfully good.

-His Law to Obey


*If you’re looking for more hottieness to spice up your Saturday, Regency author Eileen Richards and I are having a Man War- Regency Style on Facebook all day today. Friend me to follow along and feel free to add your own. Follow the fun at


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