Sexy Snippet Saturday- Charlie and Susan- Her Hometown Hero

Sexy Snippet Saturday

Saturdays seem to roll around much quicker in the summer and this one crept up on me while working on Charlie Deluna’s story. Charlie is the youngest of the Rebel Rapids Police Department and this reformed bad boy has as much to prove to his leading lady as he does to the town of Rebel. Oh, and there’s nothing shy about him. Sex in public places…bring it on. Here’s a snippet of Susan and Charlie. Leave a comment if you enjoy.


Her Hometown Hero / The Blue Line Series #2

Susan glanced back to the open door. Sex…in the middle of Mercy South during shift change with Detective O’Neal mere feet away at the nurses station? Not even sex starved Charlie was crazy enough. Or so she hoped.

“You know you want too.” Charlie urged on, his thin hospital sheet already pulled half down his bare chest and that lost, lusty look in his eyes.“Close the curtain. O’Neal will keep watch.”

 Susan looked at him sideways with her eyes narrowed on his. “O’Neal knows?” The thought should have stanched her desire, but oddly it only fueled the fire engulfing her insides. Charlie with rumbled bed hair and the white of the sheets contrasting with his tan that seemed to run all the way down to you know where and the only thought that stuck in her mind was how long they had before the night nurse returned for his evening check-in.

With a lazy hand, Charlie pulled the sheet down even more until both hips and that glorious V between them lured her a step closer to his bed. He bent one arm under his head and gave that devil of a bad boy grin that made all rational thought impossible.

 “If we get caught–”

Like a shot he sat up, reached for her arm, and pulled her down onto the narrow bed. In one fluid movement, his body rolled on top and his fingers pinned her forearms to the warm spot in the bed. His warm spot.

His hot lips pressed against her mouth, hard, before he spoke. “Getting caught is the best part, Red.”



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