Top Ten Things I Love About Christmas a Guest Post by Lexi Lawton

Hi Rebels! I’m stepping in quickly to introduce my good friend, and fabulous author, Lexi Lawton. Lexi’s got the Christmas spirit and is sharing with her new release, Christmas Confessions. Don’t forget to post a comment, and check out her giveaway.

Take it away Lexi…

My husband calls me a scrooge, a hater of all things Christmas. He tends to be overly dramatic at times.

Why does he say this about me? Well, because I have a very strong dislike of Christmas movies. I find most of them to be over-the-top cheesy and the acting subpar. He, however, would watch them day and night if I would allow it. I also don’t read many Christmas themed stories, and this is the first Christmas story I’ve ever written. (And here’s my personal Christmas confession: I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever write another one. Lol)

But, despite my strong dislike of Christmas movies, there are a lot of things I do love about this holiday. Allow me to share them with you…

1. A CHRISTMAS STORY – This is the only holiday movie I will watch. I love little Ralphie and his unflinching quest for a Red Rider B.B. Gun. And that leg lamp? WANT! “Frah-gee-lay!” Love it. Lol.

2. SNOW – Okay, yes, I do often complain about the ridiculous amounts of snow we get, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. There’s nothing quite like waking up on Christmas morning and seeing the world covered in white. And let’s face it, holiday lights tend to twinkle just a little brighter against the white stuff.

3. FINDING THE PERFECT GIFT – I like to get gifts as much as the next person, but finding that perfect gift for a loved one is amazing. I get so excited to give it to them, and the look on their face when they finally do get to open it…gives me happy chills just thinking about it.

4. LOOKING AT CHRISTMAS LIGHTS – As a child, my parents would take me out on Christmas Eve and we’d drive around town, looking at the houses decorated with all the pretty lights. We’d stop and get hot chocolate. It’s one of my favorite childhood memories; and now that I’m grown and married, I’ve continued this tradition with my own children.

5. COOKIES, COOKIES, AND MORE COOKIES! – I don’t generally bake much throughout the year, but when Christmas rolls around, I’m a baking fool. I give trays upon trays of cookies and fudge to family members and friends.

6. THE LOOK ON MY KIDS FACES ON CHRISTMAS MORNING – I stand near the Christmas tree and snap pictures of them when they wake up and see that Santa has visited. I’m pretty sure they hate me for it. lol

7. HAVING AN EXCUSE TO STAY INSIDE – When it really snows, and the roads become dangerous and impassable, it gives me a valid, inarguable reason to stay inside and write.

8. DECORATIONS – I love to decorate for this holiday. I have an entire décor of blue snowmen. They’re so adorable.

9. CHRISTMAS CARDS – I love getting them and sending them!

10. WRAPPING PRESENTS – I don’t know why, but I love this task. I take such pride in making sure the corners are just right and they look really pretty.

So, what do you love (or dislike) about this holiday? Do you have any favorite movies or books? Share in the comments, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Title: Christmas Confessions
Author: Lexi Lawton
Genre: Adult Romance
Release Date: November 6, 2013
Buy Link: Amazon


From the moment Brandon James hired Chelsea St. Claire to work in his bar, he’s wanted her in ways that cross every line of the employer – employee relationship. Even though he’s always kept things professional, when a snow storm strands Chelsea at the bar, forcing her to spend Christmas with him, he can no longer control his desires.

Despite being sad about missing out on Christmas with her family, Chelsea’s not sorry to be spending time in the home — and bed — of a man she’s wanted for over a year. But when Chelsea finds a note revealing Brandon’s true feelings, she must decide if she wants a Christmas fling, or if she has some Christmas confessions of her own.

Chelsea took a moment to really look at Brandon. He was wearing a pair of gym shorts and nothing else. His dark hair was damp, indicative of having just showered. She twisted on the couch to watch him as he walked toward the kitchen. Holy mother of God! That chest should come with a warning: Caution. Deadly weapon. May cause increased heart rate and a spike in libido. Proceed at your own risk. Ugh. She was so bad to be lusting after her boss like this, at a time like this.
When Brandon turned back toward her, pill bottle and a glass of water in hand, she was still staring at him. His shorts hung low on his hips, showcasing a perfectly formed V that pointed to the one part of him she’d fantasized about way more than she should have. A light dusting of chest hair taunted her. Her gaze travelled up the length of his torso until she met his eyes, which, if she wasn’t mistaken, sparkled a bit. It was almost like he knew what she’d been looking at, knew the thoughts that had accompanied her visual perusal.
“Here.” Brandon handed her the bottle of aspirin and the glass of water. Then he sat beside her.
Chelsea cleared her throat, which suddenly felt dry, and then popped two pills into her mouth, chasing them down with the water. Her hands trembled, but she wasn’t positive if it had to do with her fainting accident or Brandon’s closeness to her. They’d been physically close before, but never when he’d been half naked.
She glanced down at her legs… her bare legs! Oh, God! She wasn’t in her clothes anymore.

About the Author:  Represented by the fabulous Dawn Dowdle of the Blue Ridge Literary Agency, Lexi is a romance author who is actively shopping a series of steamy romantic suspense novels. Currently, she’s knee deep in a spicy, contemporary New Adult series. Lexi is a member of The Romance Writers of America. With not much else to occupy her during the days, she spends a lot of time reading, writing, revising, and immersing herself in the world of publishing.

You can connect with Lexi here on her blog, on Twitter and Facebook.



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