Remember that Post I Did About Cyber Pitching? Well Here’s Another Chance…


If you remember back to July–which seems like a year ago around here–I wrote a post on cyber pitching and specifically the Carina Press Not At Nationals Pitch Session.   #CarinaNaN was a success for me (a full request) and two other blog readers who entered (both with full requests), which only proves cyber pitching gets you out of the slush pile and into the agent/editors hands faster.

This time around the chance to cyber pitch is even better because not only will you pitch to agents, but you could qualify for a two-month mentorship with an agented/published author in your genre. The details can be found on Brenda Drakes’ blog here and for those who missed the Pitch Wars Mentor Q&A here is a great post to sum up what was discussed

So, get those queries and first chapters ready, stalk the 75 mentor authors participating to find the four you want to work with most, and pitch your baby on August 18th for your chance at a once in a lifetime opportunity for one-on-one help in publishing.

And, if you aren’t picked for a mentorship through Brenda Drakes’ Pitch Wars, she’s hosting Pitch Madness in September to pitch directly to acquiring agents/editors.

Check it out and good luck!



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