Sexy Snippet Saturday

Sexy Snippet Saturday

It’s been a crazy writing week here in Reagan Land, but it’s so much fun writing Charlie Deluna’s story, I welcome the crazy.

I can’t give all of Charlie and Susan away so you’ll have to wait to hear more from them.

While you wait, here’s a snippet from my WIP, Rebel Rapid’s Undercover Detective Chris O’Neal’s story. Elementary School teacher Sammy Burke has things all wrong when she pegs Chris for the kinky kind, but Chris is more than willing to play along to keep her safe. Or so he tells himself.



Schooling the Law (Working Title)

There was something deeply satisfying in that starburst of pink blooming across her pale flesh. His mark on her ass claiming her as his. And the moan she made after. The way she rocked her hips and bit her bottom lip when she looked back to him. Begging for more.

If finding pleasure in that made him a monster than call him the fucking Hulk because whatever Susan wanted, he was going to make damn sure she got from him. And only him.


FYI, Eileen Richards and I are Man Waring again today on FB- Man Wars- Super Heroes Edition. I snuck into Eileen’s stash and damn…you’re really going to want to see the hottieness she’s collected.



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